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Just because I can SEE…
does not mean I have VISION…

The Vision Paradox is a dilemma faced by many brands. When building your teams, especially early on, you will find that they need complementary skillsets and the ability to orchestrate together.
This analogy is very similar to when you hear a beautiful concerto, and all instruments complement one another. Making for a collective team, all know their role and core expertise. You do not want someone who does not know how to play the violin, playing a violin. This one failed, non-complimentary team member ruins this beautiful orchestration of a team. Some call it “staying in your lane” or “know what you know, and that which you do not,” either way, team members assigned to roles need to be complimentary to accomplish anything.
Having been in global brands overseeing product, marketing, and business development, there is a method to success, and this method includes defining roles specific to team members’ skillset.
Suppose you are to move your brand into Visionary thinking and status. In that case, you must have all team members playing their roles, providing guidance, and leading the next revolutionary product, ensuring generational success.
In my new Podcast from The Visionary Chronicles, I discuss this Paradox and how to build a passionate, authentic team driven to realize generational success.

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