Grew up in North Dakota, graduated from Devils Lake High School, played multiple sports including football, basketball, track and fastpitch softball. Went on to play football at University of Nebraska and finished my degree at University of North Dakota in Industrial Engineering.

Having grown up in a small town in North Dakota, I saw firsthand the hard work my parents endured to make ends meet. I have always appreciated the value of hard work, a strong Faith and being part of teams creating products for the improvement of quality of life for so many.



Blessed with a beautiful wife who has been by my side since high school and two healthy, active children. Jordan, who graduated from Arizona State University majoring in Business Communications/Marketing and Jake, working close to home at Northrup/Grumman.

I have a passion for living a balanced life and a strong Faith…each equally important for thriving and excelling in Life’s pursuits …I love crushing mountain bike trails, exploring nature and any outdoor activity.

Over the years, I have seen my children grow up and excel in sports, school and now in Life. Very proud for what they have achieved, having been there for them was a privilege, as this comes along only once… I did not want to miss a minute…!

I have been blessed with such a caring family, an upbringing which instilled critical ethical and moral values I carry with me each day. I always look forward to what Life has to offer, knowing all things happen for a reason, but you must play a part in realizing your Vision…

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