November 13, 2015
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Stephs Revival..

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Being part of Steph’s “Revival” has been an extremely rewarding experience, and one that comes along once in a lifetime. One where the stars align, and you are able to provide a product that truly makes a difference in someone’s life allowing them to perform to their potential.

When Zamst first started in our sponsorship of Steph several years ago, he was at a stage where some did not feel he would return to the game he loved, and others who felt he may not return at all. However, through perseverance, persistence and a trust of what he was capable of doing once healthy, has allowed him to achieve a “Revival” unlike any other seen in sports.

Not only has Steph achieved NBA MVP, but more importantly he is a truly genuine person that has a passion for the game and his family. A great person w/ deep values not always seen in sports these days, and Steph is a TRUE Role Model for those looking for someone to follow.

Life Lessons..

Always Persevere through your Challenges..!

Always look to God for Strength and Support..!

Always hold True to your Values and Family !

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer

“Product Innovation & Marketing Success..”


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I have a passion for living balanced life and a strong faith...each equally important for thriving and excelling…I love crushing mountain bike trails, exploring and finding ways to grow beyond the “status quo”. I am a dedicated, innovation driven team leader with a passion for establishing a disruptive vision and executing a market dominating strategy… Our industry has always been about creating innovative, market driving solutions that enhance performance or provide for a better life beyond sport. It has also been about culture, fit and passion for the brand. When these foundational pillars are removed, the brand starts to crumble. Being part of an industry that bridges talent between product creation, marketing, sales, finance and operations is formula for success, because every function is about building a foundational performance brand. It’s galvanizing when elite athletes wear and endorse our creations, but the real strength is leading the teams that combine their creative forces and technical expertise to make the engine roar. I am always passionate for defining and leading the next industry revolution… Extensive executive level experience across globally recognized brands, each number one in their respective  markets, along with having founded and successfully sold my own branded apparel company. Whether establishing new product lines, building global marketing strategies, leading design/development teams, I have a passion for building and growing brands.  Some examples; • Built Zamst from start up to achieving nationwide North American distribution, and 845% revenue growth over a 3 1/2 year period. • With Gathering Storm, grew TaylorMade/adidas Golf Accessories from $11M to $48M over 3 years. • K-Swiss, global executive management of $38M in international licensee’s and domestic apparel/accessories division. • OAKLEY, built and successfully developed “Athletic Division” NCAA licensed team eyewear/apparel product lines achieving $1.4M in initial season.


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