With a market leading position, and a “premium” upper tier product positioning, Zamst was ready to make a move into the US market. With a 20 year sports bracing/supports heritage of outfitting Elite athletes worldwide, Zamst needed to position itself to successfully drive success in multiple channels within the US. This required building the brand awareness and Elite positioning from the “Ground Up”: Brand Strategy, Marketing Programs, Sports Marketing, Grassroots Alliance and Merchandising Selling Systems. We have been, and continue to ‘”authenticate” our brand with an  Elite “Advisory” Team comprised on Orthapedic Surgeons, Athletic Trainers, Coaches and Athletes. “Creative Innovation” built around supporting an athletes need to get back on their battleground is our goal. Whether “Prevention” or “Protection” we serve our Warriors. With this objective, the Z-Force team has designed, developed and created  the following product lines:

  • Knee Support/Bracing
  • Ankle Supports/Bracing
  • Upper Body Supports/Bracing
  • Icing Systems
  • Compression Apparel
“You do NOT merely want to be considered the best of the best. You want to be considered the ONLY one who does what you do.”
Jerry Garcia, the late legendary musician/philosopher

The Visionary Brand
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