While building the Schutt Football program, I conceived and developed Krypton, with the intent of blending a portable training equipment system with portable (iphone, ipod downloadable) training videos from the some the most recognizable NFL Players.

As Performance Training has evolved the ability for an athlete to use truly portable training equipment has not been realized. In conjunction with building a portable training system, Krypton would combine “elite” portable training videos from some the most recognized current & retired NFL Players, and the end result allow “elite” athletes to:

“Train Anywhere, Train Anytime…”

The Krypton concept consisted of the following product lines:

  • NFL Player, portable (iphone, ipod) skill specific training videos
  • Krypton System 1 and System 2 Training gear packs.
  • Kr 36  – DNA Grid
  • Kr 36 – DNA Hurdles
  • Kr 36 – DNA Cones
  •  Kr36 – DNA Jump Rope, Cones
  • Kr36  – Sportswear
“If I don’t do something, nothing is going to get better…”
Nathaniel Branden, author & psychologist

The Visionary Brand
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