November 13, 2017
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Creative Vision…

by bryansmeltzer in Branding , Business Development , CRM , Marketing , Merchandising , Product Innovation , Sports Marketing 0 comments

Companies that try to “milk” the Vision of their origins to long, suffer being eaten alive by their competition. Case in point…although Apple continues to thrive with a product life cycle created by Steve, this will soon turn into “Vapors” unless some new “Dent in the Universe” product is created. 

In addition to “milking” Steves legacy, Apple continues to get “pounded” by it’s competition, where they were the ones doing the pounding. I love Apple, and what is stands for, but at some point you have to stop the Apple “Core” from getting “Eaten Alive” ! Market share continues to dwindle, the product “pipeline” diminishes, and the true “Pirate” Vision of what Apple stood for continues to erode. It is actually sad to see, and one I am sure Steve would not like to see evolving from his Vision of Apple could be, and en-Visioned it would be.

The “Take no Prisoners” approach Steve had, with the mindset to “Always stay Hungry”, was the “Passion” that drove them to become the most valuable company in the world. Let’s hope this “Vision” does not continue to erode. 

The  “Hunter” has now become the “Hunted” , and the competition is taking Aim ! 

Always, always look to Innovate..!

Always obsolete successful products for something more Innovative..!

Always look to be the Hunter…!

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer

“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog…”